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Does your Marketing… Sell?

Sales are made… or lost… with words.

What words does your marketing use?

In your industry —in every  industry— there are successful sales people, and not-so-successful sales people. The differences they can bring in sales can be astounding.

Are the successful ones successful because they talk all day about themselves? Or do they connect with your clients and find solutions to their problems?

Your marketing is like 1,000 sales people. 10,000.  For every marketing message you send out, you want to be sure you're addressing your client’s needs.

Too much marketing out there screams,

Look At Us!

Give Us  Your Money, Not Those Other Guys!

Who thinks that should work?

Yet ad after ad, letter after letter tries this approach.

If you've read this far, you know I'm right.

You don't need some boring slogan. You don't need to spend money on a meaningless photo with your company logo.

What you need —what your customers need from you— is honest to goodness salesmanship in print.

If you want to improve your marketing message:  call, text, or email me now.

I have limited space available for freelance clients who are looking for better advertisements or direct mail marketing.

Call, text, or email me now—

Jeffrey Thomas

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